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Forbes.com on Magazines in 2015

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 11:52 PM

In the news: A provocative claim from Forbes.com about the future of "tech dinosaurs."

On Thursday, Forbes.com published its predictions for the tech industry in 2015. Among those "tech dinosaurs that will finally die in 2015" are the print magazine and newspaper industries. Kelli Richards writes, "We all know the newspaper and magazine industries are struggling, but 2014 looks to be the year when we drive the final nail in the coffin and bury these struggling industries for good. After J.K. Rowling authorized the release of the Harry Potter series on Amazon's Kindle, the publishing industry essentially crumbled. Major magazines and newspapers started shutting down, and the only holdouts seemed to be textbook publishers."

It's an incendiary claim sure to stir up a lot of debate. The article is already being linked widely on Twitter. Read it here.

Also Notable

Magazine Cover Design

What are some of the key ingredients in effective magazine design? Recently, Slate.com ran an article from the 99 Percent Invisible design blog entitled "Anatomy of a Magazine Cover." The post breaks down the various components of a cover, from the brand name at the top to cover photo selection. It offers up a wide array of sample covers from Time to Mad magazine. Read it here.

More on Magazine Design

Some print publishers are ignoring the digital hype and investing time and money in elaborate design to engage readers. TheGuardian.com recently rounded up some UK print magazines that are creating beautiful, immersive reading experiences with their designs and layouts. John O'Reilly writes that "these magazines are also a result of the possibilities offered by the new technology that was supposed to kill print culture -- they sell and distribute online, they crowdfund, they invent their own business models on the hoof." Read more here.

Adobe Integrates Two Programs

Publishing on multiple platforms can get expensive, so Adobe is doing its part to streamline costs for magazines. This week, the company launched an initiative to integrate Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Experience Manager. This will help magazines to simplify their content creation process so that their digital content is accessible via desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Read more about Adobe's new campaign here.

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