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This Year's Worst Journalism

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 6:40 PM

In the news: Rounding up the year's journalistic missteps.

The Columbia Journalism Review has rounded up its picks for the worst journalism of 2014. Topping the list was Rolling Stone's disastrous coverage of the University of Virginia sexual assault story. As the victim's story unraveled due to poor fact checking and lack of follow-up with key figures, the magazine issued an editorial note deflecting blame, only deepening the controversy in the process. CJR's verdict: "[Rolling Stone] deserves a DART for blaming its utter failure on someone else, and many more for all the lapses leading up to it."

Also included in CJR's year-end summary were the many gaffes of CNN anchor Don Lemon and 60 Minutes' coverage of the Ebola outbreak. Read the entire article here.

Also Notable

Print Audiences Up in Fall 2014

Despite the closure of Source Interlink Distribution this year, print audiences were on the rise in fall 2014, according to recently released GfK MRI statistics. Faring particularly well were fashion, celebrity, and culinary print titles. Hardest hit were automotive and women's interest magazines. Read more here.

Top Print Magazine Covers of 2014

Last week, Huffington Post rounded up its picks for top print magazine covers of the year. See the complete list, which includes covers from Time, National Geographic, and Entertainment Weekly, here.

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