Our Staff
William Dunkerley Denise Gable Meredith Dias Eileen Ferris Lori Lorenzini
William Dunkerley is principal consultant, publisher of the STRAT newsletter, and editor of Editors Only. He has been a magazine and book publisher and editor, and news service operator. He founded William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants in 1981, and has personally worked with clients throughout the U.S., and in many foreign countries. Contact him at wd [at] publishinghelp [dot] com.
Denise Gable has been managing editor of Editors Only since 2001. She has a background in journalism and marketing communications. Contact her at dvg [at] publishinghelp [dot] com.
Eileen Ferris is a business analyst and strategic planning specialist, and has been with us since 2005. Her background is in business, law, and education. Contact her at egf [at] publishinghelp [dot] com.
Meredith Dias is senior editor, joining us in 2008. With a background in writing, editing, training, and sociology, she is also a published novelist. Contact her at mld [at] publishinghelp [dot] com.
Lori Lorenzini works in the development of assessment instruments and survey methodology, and on human resource issues. She has been a partner in the firm since 1998. Her background is in psychological metrics. Contact her at ldl [at] publishinghelp [dot] com.