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Time Inc. and Meredith Merger

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 1:02 PM

In the news: A merger between two of the biggest magazine publishers in America.

Executives at Time Inc. and Meredith Corporation are ironing out the details of what the New York Times describes as "a new publicly traded company to house the magazine titles of the Meredith Corporation and the lifestyle titles of Time Inc...." There's more to do here than just crunch the numbers: The new conglomerate will need to learn how to integrate two very different workplaces.

Employees at both companies are worried about what changes the merger might bring. Not only do Time Inc. and Meredith publish competitive titles that will now be under the same umbrella, but their headquarters are in two very different cities (Meredith in Des Moines, Iowa, and Time Inc. in New York City). Read more about the merger and the differences in corporate culture here.

Also Notable

Postal Service Woes

The US Postal Service has announced that, as of August 2013, it will discontinue Saturday mail delivery. The news has caused widespread concern in the magazine publishing industry, particularly for association publishers. If the decision holds, this could mean trouble for magazines and newspapers that customarily deliver on weekends. Read more about how discontinued Saturday delivery might affect the publishing industry here.

New Digital Circulation Numbers

Earlier this month, the Alliance for Audited Media (formerly known as the Audit Bureau of Circulations) released new figures that spell out limited growth for digital magazine editions in the latter half of 2012. Total digital circulation amounts to just 2.4 percent of total magazine circulation. This is, however, a significant jump from the 1.7 percent digital magazine circulation in the first half of 2012. Print newsstand sales are on a decline. Read more here.

Luxury Ads on the Rise?

According to a recent Reuters report, luxury ads have helped some glossy magazines to make gains in the first quarter of 2013. Rodale, Hearst, Time Inc., and Condé Nast have all seen ad page increases in the first quarter. Condé Nast is projecting its best first quarter numbers in five years. Read more about the role of luxury advertising in these gains here.

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