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Fashion Magazine Ad Pages

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 9:59 PM

In the news: Some fashion magazines are posting big ad page numbers for their September issues.

Some good news from the fashion publishing sector: The ad page numbers are in for the September 2013 issues, and some fashion magazines are breaking records with their posted numbers. According to AdAge.com, Elle magazine will contain 442 ad pages and Harper's Bazaar will contain 397 -- records for both magazines. This defies an industry-wide decline in print ad pages this year.

September has always been a big month for fashion magazines, as this is the time of year when many new lines are unveiled. Michael Clinton, president of marketing and publishing director at Hearst, attributes this rise in fashion ad pages to improvements in the long-ailing economy. Karin Tracy, publisher of InStyle magazine, cites an increased number of digital and print packages. Read more here.

Also Notable

News Magazine Ad Pages

Unfortunately, not all sectors have performed as well as fashion magazines in 2013. The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has released some first-half numbers for the industry that show an overall 4.9 percent decrease in consumer ad pages. Even more marked is the drop in ad pages for news magazines -- 18 percent among five of the leading titles. Read more here.

Marketing Services and Magazines

In a recent Media.tel.uk article, Flipping Pages Media founder Peter Houston discusses the perks and pitfalls of magazine marketing services. "Magazine publishers are now trading on their reputation for content creation, production, distribution and audience development to convince advertisers that they can deliver integrated marketing campaigns where once they just filled the space between the ads," he says. "They're now taking on custom publishing projects that go way beyond old-school paid-for supplements." Read Houston's in-depth analysis of magazine marketing services here.

Publishing on Tablets

Tablet publishing has created a valuable revenue stream for a lot of magazine publishers. However, David Hepworth reminds publishers in a July 28 Guardian.co.uk article that tablet magazines "have to attract ... new advertisers." He continues, "Simply reproducing your magazine via a cheap page-turner app is unsatisfactory for the editorial team and not very thrilling for advertisers." He emphasizes that tablet publishing is hardly a done deal; it's still in the trial-and-error-phase. Read more of his analysis here.

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