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Magazine CEOs Talk About Growth

Posted on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 10:04 PM

In the news: A recent Foliomag.com survey tells us what challenges and growth opportunities CEOs in multiple sectors are seeing.

Folio: recently asked magazine CEOs in four sectors (B2B, consumer, association/organization, and city/regional) about their revenue forecasts for the rest of the year. According to Tony Silber of Foliomag.com, nearly two thirds of respondents expected to see growth, and roughly 25 percent expected double-digit growth.

The survey went beyond the numbers to ask about the biggest threats they were facing (changing reader habits, said 35.4 percent of respondents) and key growth drivers (digital advertising not including marketing services, said 32.8 percent).

For the complete survey results, click here.

Also Notable

Mr. Magazine on Print Magazines

Earlier this month, Dr. Samir Husni (aka Mr. Magazine) talked to Forbes.com about "why print magazines just won't die." The interview covers a lot of ground: changing publisher strategies and magazine specs, digital heritage, and which publishers are making the greatest strides. Summing up the current state of things, Husni says, "I don't think there have ever been more exciting, intriguing times [in the magazine world] than we have today." Read the interview in full here.

Have Digital Magazine Ads Caught Up to Print?

The latest Business Information Report suggests that digital ad revenues are now roughly equal to print ad revenues for trade magazines. MediaLifeMagazine.com, citing the report, notes that digital advertising grew 17.4 percent between 2014 and 2015, while print advertising was down 4.1 percent. Read more here.

Time Inc. Tries Selling Ads by Category, Not Brand

Borrowing from the Facebook and Google playbooks, Time Inc. is now selling magazine ads by category, a departure from its brand-focused sales strategy in the past. According to Jeremy Barr of AdAge.com, the publisher will have seven sales categories: automotive, pharmaceutical, and technology/telecommunications, food and beverage, beauty, retail, and financial services. Read more about Time's new ad strategy here.

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