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Magazine Covers Matter

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 10:06 AM

In the news: Your cover still has the power to get people talking.

The concept of magazine content may be changing, but magazine covers can still make waves. Recently, several magazine covers have stirred up social media firestorms. Among them, the Newsweek cover that declared President Barack Obama "The First Gay President" and the Time cover featuring a breastfeeding mother and asking its readers "Are You Mom Enough?"

Last month, we talked about how magazines were evolving and raised the possibility of à la carte content delivery in the future. The recent social media success of the aforementioned magazine covers (among others, including a Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover featuring two suggestively posed commercial jets) suggests that the traditional magazine structure has a place in an iTunes-ized, tweeting society. A provocative cover can still ignite readers worldwide. Read more here and here.

Also Notable

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe may have just made editorial workflow a little easier with the announcement of its updated Digital Publishing Suite. The new version allows editors to create digital content not only for personal computers and tablets, but also smartphones. This streamlines a process that often involves using multiple programs to publish across different platforms. Read more about the upated software suite here.

The Return of M Magazine

Fairchild Fashion Media has announced plans to resurrect M magazine. Editorial director Peter Kaplan says that the intended audience is men in their thirties and forties "who are Web-savvy but want to hold onto print." Likely competitors are GQ and Details. Read more about the magazine and some surprising digital vs. print audience statistics here.

Rising in the Editorial Ranks

This week, Mediabistro.com shares seven tips for editors in pursuit of the elusive editor-in-chief title. Read more here. (Note: For Mediabistro subscribers only.)

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