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Editorial Staffing in the Digital Age

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 9:36 AM

In the news: How the digital publishing landscape has changed job descriptions.

Today's magazine jobs tend to be more multidimensional than yesterday's. Editorial jobs involve preparing content for publication on multiple platforms. "What editors need now," says Bob Cohn of Foliomag.com, "is a new breed of journalist." Editorial managers need journalists who can report, write, edit (both text and images), fact check, create infographics, use social media to promote content, and hire freelance writers.

In other words, says Cohn, "everyone is an editor-in-chief." He discusses what he calls a transition from "vertical job descriptions to horizontal job descriptions." Key skills include multitasking, speed, and accuracy-all of which can conflict with one another. Read Cohn's full analysis of editorial hiring in the digital publishing world here.

Also Notable

A Digital Facelift for Print

"Own-brand magazines are defying the decline in print media consumption," says a recent MarketingWeek.com article. "Figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation ... show a 3 percent year-on-year rise for the 100 most read consumer titles." Some successful print magazines are enhancing their brands with digital content (e.g., newsletters, social media, and e-mail lists). Read more here.

Changing Journalism Curricula

Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism has made drastic changes to its curriculum, changes that reflect the rapidly changing industry. The school will now offer just two degree options: news and information reporting and strategic communications. Associate professor Ellen Gerl has seen the industry changes at work in her own classroom. She notes that her students tend to divide their time "between traditional editorial tasks and web duties." Some magazines demand even more of their editors with video content and online radio shows. Read more here.

Tablets Taking Over?

Will tablet computers replace desktop PCs and laptops? According to an infographic posted on OnlineClasses.org, the answer is eventually. At first glance, the penetration statistics are quite dazzling. See them here.

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