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Tumblr for Editorial Content?

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 8:57 PM

In the news: How a creative means of content deliverywas born of necessity.

As we mentioned elsewhere in this issue, Hurricane Sandy forced many publications in the northeast to take its content to other platforms while they waited for lights to go back on and servers to go back up.

Sites such as Gawker.com took to Tumblr, which offers publishers not only a platform for editorial content, but also an opportunity for ad sales. Gawker was able to sell advertising to State Farm in conjunction with its Tumblr content. The endeavor was quite successful and may prove to be equally fruitful for Tumblr if editors find it to be a worthwhile mode of content delivery. Read more here.

2012 Eddie and Ozzie Awards

This month, the annual Eddie and Ozzie Awards were held in New York City. Folio.com describes this event as "the largest of its kind for magazine publishers," encompassing both print and digital publications across various segments (including consumer, b-to-b, and others).

For the Eddie award winners, click here.

For the Ozzie award winners, click here.

Hurricane Sandy and Magazine Content

Last month, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in the northeast. It forced editors to get creative with content delivery. The widespread power outages and flooding brought many industries to a standstill, and magazine publishers were no exception. In the face of power outages and property damage, some publications found alternate modes of content delivery. During the storm and in the days and weeks that followed, many publishers sought refuge on various social networking websites.

Gawker.com makes for a particularly interesting case study. The website published content on Tumblr, a social media site, and even sold advertising there. This has led some industry insiders to give Tumblr a second look as a potential content management system. Other publications, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, took down their paywalls in response to the storm. Still others took their content to other social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thus, the storm has led editors to reconsider the role of social media in their dissemination of content.

Read more about how the storm affected editorial content here.

AP Stylebook in Spanish

For the first time, the Associated Press is offering a Spanish language edition of its style guide. Already, the book is making waves with its inclusion of the term "illegal immigrant," which some journalists find to be demeaning and polarizing. The AP is releasing the book in hopes that it will be widely adopted by publishers of Spanish-language material. Read more about the new stylebook and the controversy here.

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