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Magazine Publishers, E-books: Together at Last?

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:07 AM

In the news: Magazine editors are experimenting with e-book publishing to engage existing readers and attract new ones.

This month's industry news has revealed a blossoming relationship between the magazine and book publishing spheres. A recent HuffingtonPost.com article in its "Books" section highlights several magazines that have released e-book singles as bonus content to attract new readers from the e-book world. Magazines that have tested the e-book waters include GQ, Publishers Weekly, and National Geographic.

Read more about magazines that have experimented with e-book singles here.

Also Notable

Book Publishers and Custom Magazines: Together at Last?

It's not just magazine publishers who are tapping into books to create alternate revenue streams; some book publishers are creating magazines that focus on popular titles and authors. Random House recently partnered with Flipboard to create digital magazines for Margaret Atwood's latest release and George R. R. Martin's best-selling Song of Ice and Fire series. Read more about these custom magazines here.

Magazine Printing Kiosks

MegaNews Magazines has unveiled a new kind of magazine newsstand that could provide some relief to print magazine publishers contending with losses in the form of unsold copies. The automated kiosks would allow customers to purchase and print single issues onsite. MegaNews Magazines has installed its first kiosk in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more here.

Crucial Editorial Skills

Which skills are most important in today's magazine publishing industry. John Gallant of IDG Enterprise answers this question and others in a September 25 Foliomag.com interview with Arti Patel. Gallant discusses how the editor's role has changed in recent years and the skills he looks for in prospective editorial staff. Read the interview here.

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