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When Retailers Become Magazines

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 10:58 PM

In the news: More and more stores are producing editorial content to augment their brand.

Once upon a time, retailers relied on traditional advertising methods to drive the consumer conversation about their products. Today the game has changed. Just as trade and B-to-B magazine publishers are experimenting with new content platforms (e.g., video), retailers have begun producing original editorial content to strengthen their brand presence.

Alec Leach of HighSnobiety.com examines several retailers that have started brand magazines. "Many retailers are finding that editorial content is a great way to not only enrich their customers' experience and perception of the store, but to boost sales, too," he writes. "Just as brick-and-mortar retailers are adding experiences such as in-store cafes as a way to keep people shopping, online stores are increasingly turning to content creation as a way to attract customers -- and to keep them coming back." Read more here.

Also Notable

The Enduring Allure of Print

"The good old-fashioned print publication has become a simple luxury," writes the Economist's Marina Haydn in a recent Foliomag.com piece. She discusses the continued relevance of print despite flagging newsstand sales and changing reader preferences. Many readers consume so much digital content on their portable devices that they need a break from their screens, a break that a print publication can offer. Furthermore, they tend to engage more fully with print content than with digital. Read Haydn's complete discussion here.

Digital Readers: Still Outnumbered

Recent statistics from a Mequoda study reveal that print readers still outnumber digital readers by nearly 2 to 1. According to MediaPost.com, the study found that nearly 70 percent of adults had read print magazines (an average of 2.91 issues each) in the last month, while only roughly 37 percent had read digital magazines (an average of 2.37 issues each) during the same period. Read more of the study's findings here.

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