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Maximizing Brand Power

Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 1:28 PM

In the news: Putting logo licenses to work in a publication.

This month, John Parsons of Foliomag.com teamed up with sponsor Wright's Media to create "Magnifying the Power of the Brand." The highly designed article discusses the history of branding and how today's magazines can employ logo licenses to their benefit. The article layout unfolds with each scroll of the mouse or swipe of the finger, revealing illustrated timelines, illustrative background images, and dynamic text layouts with pull quotes.

Note: We tested the article on a 23" widescreen desktop PC (using both the touchscreen and the mouse) and on a smartphone with a 5.2" screen. We found the desktop version, using a mouse to navigate, to be the smoothest interface. Your mileage may vary depending on your computer or smartphone specs.

Parsons writes, "Successful publishers focus on a definable audience or interest group. Their print and digital publications aspire to be the trusted source of expertise or engagement in a particular field or demographic." He focuses on five media case studies: Tom's Guide and Laptop magazine, Event Marketer, Northstar Travel Media, Dennis Publishing UK, and Lenovo.

Experience the full article here.

Also Notable

Three Pulitzer Categories Now Open to Magazines

This week, the Pulitzer Prize board announced that print and digital magazine categories will be newly eligible for three categories: international reporting, criticism, and editorial cartooning. In the past, prize categories were generally geared toward newspapers; however, in recent years eligibility has been expanded to magazines in several categories. Read more here.

"Secrets of the Top Editors"

This week, Bill Mickey of Foliomag.com shared secrets for success from top magazine editors. Participating in the discussion were Chandra Ram (editor of Plate), Jared Hohlt (editor of New York magazine), David Granger (editor-in-chief of Esquire), and Denise Dersin (editorial director of Professional Builder and Custom Builder). Each editor discusses strategies for generating relevant, engaging magazine content that attracts widespread reader attention. Read the article here.

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