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Saving the Newsstand in 2017

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 at 3:24 PM

In the news: Time Inc. has announced plans to rejuvenate its newsstand sales next year.

Newsstand sales fell nearly 14 percent in the third quarter over the previous year, according to a December 5 article on Foliomag.com by Greg Dool. Summing up the hardest hit categories, Dool writes, "In keeping with recent trends, the high-volume celebrity and women's categories -- which together account for 39 percent of overall market share -- continue to plummet, down 19 percent and 18.3 percent in units sold, respectively." Elsewhere, general interest magazines saw a jump of 8.2 percent over the previous year.

Last week, Dool interviewed Drew Wintemberg, president of Time Inc. retail. Wintemberg addresses some of the challenges facing magazines on the newsstand: "With the Brad and Angelina split, for People, we already had an issue on newsstands and we went to press on a Thursday, because that was a breaking story," he tells Dool. "We're asking ourselves how we can capitalize on breaking news both from an editorial perspective and from a speed to market perspective."

Read more about Q3 magazine figures here. For Dool's interview with Wintemberg, click here.

Also Notable

Magazines Returning to Print

Despite widespread challenges at the newsstand, some magazines are going back in print after a period of digital-only circulation. Paste magazine, which shuttered its print edition in 2010, will be back in print for March 2017. Spin, which last published in print in 2012, put out a print issue in October. Michelle Castillo of CNBC.com qualifies these developments: "The majority of publications choosing to start the print route have niche or very targeted audiences. Paste and Spin both said they have no intention of slowing their digital output or resurrecting their previously monthly editions." Perhaps more notable, then, is the fact that some digital-only titles (such as Digiday) are testing the waters with print editions. Read more here.

Top Magazines of 2016

AdAge.com has named its top magazine titles of 2016. Among the list of 12 honorees are titles such as Women's Health, Shape, O: The Oprah Magazine, and HGTV magazine. The New Yorker took home top honors. Read more about the winners here.

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