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Capitalizing on E-Commerce

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018 at 12:08 AM

In the news: How publishers are tapping into commerce opportunities this holiday season, and beyond, to boost revenue.

There has been a lot of buzz about commerce as a revenue stream for magazines this year, and this holiday season has put the trend in overdrive. Summing up the craze, Steve Smith of Foliomag.com writes, "Last year's predictable flow of holiday gift guides and affiliate links from major media brands has become a downright tsunami of deal brokering in the weeks before and after Black Friday.... Media brands are banking on their ability to poke through the holiday clutter with authentic editorial voices and curation."

E-commerce is nothing new in the media world, says Smith. But this year, publishers are ramping up their efforts to maximize its revenue potential. Read more about publishers' e-commerce strategies here.

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Thriving Despite Tight Editorial Resources

A great editor is a great investment, asserts Cable Neuhaus in a recent Foliomag.com piece. Today's editors, however, must be prepared for changes in the nature of their role. Neuhaus says: "If you're a seasoned magazine editor, you will likely find yourself called into meetings to sit alongside your new cohorts: a conference manager, a social-media director, a podcast producer, an events coordinator, and the online editor-in-chief. That can be disorienting. While once you felt like you basically ran the brand, editorially speaking, you're now part of a team." He explores current editorial strategies of several prominent magazines. Read more here.

Digiday's 2019 Editorial Resolutions

Brian Morrissey of Digiday.com has released Digiday's editorial resolutions for next year. Among them: not blaming Facebook for its strategic failures, focusing more on diversity, and using fewer buzzwords. Read the full list of resolutions, which originally appeared in Digiday's latest quarterly issue, here.

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