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Kindle Fire

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 1:34 PM

In the news: The magazine industry buzz surrounding Amazon's new tablet/e-reader.

Amazon's soon-to-be released Kindle Fire is poised for blockbuster sales during the holiday season, and it isn't just turning book publishing heads. Already, Condé Nast has signed on with Amazon to offer content on the tablet.

What are some advantages of the Kindle Fire publishing platform? For one, according to GoodeReader.com's Michael Kozlowski, Amazon will share more customer data with magazine publishers than Apple. These metrics will help drive more digital advertising sales. Updated content will autoload onto subscribers' tablets. Early adopters include Elle and Vogue.

Read more about the Kindle Fire's magazine ambitions here.

Also Notable

Magazines and TV

Magazine publishers are working at a feverish pace to develop video content that will enhance not just single magazine issues, but their brands overall. At the forefront of this movement are two of the major players, Condé Nast and Hearst. Both have recently invested in television and entertainment. It's not that print is dead; in fact, Hearst's marketing president and publishing director continues to tout print as the company's "core product." But now more than ever, magazines are diversifying to deliver content across as many platforms as possible. Read more here.

Meredith Corp.'s ROI Program

Magazine giant Meredith Corp. is courting advertisers with a new ROI program. With the help of consumer metrics, Meredith will guarantee ROI to participants. The catch? The company is accepting only a certain number of participants for the time being, and it's keeping mum about who is participating and how many publishers it will accept into the program. Read more here.

Magazines as Retailers?

In an effort to diversify revenue streams and monetize content, some fashion magazines have begun to sell the very items they feature in their spreads. In other words, magazines are becoming the competitors of the very stores they've promoted. Read more here.

B-to-B Magazine Mistakes

What are business-to-business publications doing wrong, and what can they learn from consumer ones? This seems to be a popular question this month. Read more here and here.

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