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Magazine Website Redesigns

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 5:20 PM

In the news: Maintaining control of your own Web content with a customized rather than custom site.

Online presence is a vital component of any magazine's success, and a fresh, functional website plays no small role. But does a magazine need to reinvent the wheel every time it decides to revamp its website? No, says a January 12 Mediapost.com article.

Perhaps more useful than a custom magazine website, the article asserts, is a customized site powered by a cloud-based third-party service. As opposed to websites created from scratch by programmers, customized websites enable publishing professionals to maintain their own content without having to start from scratch every time they want to add new website features or tweak the existing design. Read more here.

Also notable

How Visible Are Digital Ads?

A recent comScore study revealed that readers don't see 31 percent of digital advertisements. The study involved several well-known brands and over 3,000 ad placements. It took into account the visibility of ads and scrolling behavior of readers. Ultimately, the study serves as a cautionary tale for magazines contemplating digital advertising strategy. Publishing executives must incorporate ads into their content so that readers actually see them (rather than scroll past them. Read more about the study here.

Reuters: The Magazine?

Recently, wire service Reuters designed a sample magazine for the upcoming World Economic Forum and printed over 10,000 copies. The experiment, originally intended to be a one-off, has led the news service to consider developing future print products. Reuters has experimented in the past with magazine editions. Read more here.

Online Ad Spending in 2012

Online research firm eMarketer predicts that online ad spending will exceed print ad spending in 2012 by 15.5 percent ($39.5 billion for online, $33.8 billion for print). eMarketer predicts that print ad spending will remain fairly static for the next four years, while online ad spending will mushroom to $62 billion in 2016. Read more here.

Consumer Magazines in 2012

What can we expect from consumer magazines this year? This month, Media Life Magazine shares its predictions based on data and trends from 2011. Tablets, the consumer experience with digital content, and continued digitization of content will, according to the magazine's roundup, command the magazine publishing conversation in 2012. Read more here.

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