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Magazine Covers Making Waves

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM

In the news: Controversial magazine covers that can drive the social media conversation.

Magazine covers still matter. In case there was any doubt, consider the recent Newsweek cover that declared President Barack Obama "The First Gay President" or the Time cover that featured a breastfeeding mother and the question "Are You Mom Enough"? Also making waves was a recent Bloomberg Businessweek cover featuring two suggestively posed commercial jets with the headline "Let's Get It On."

The Time and Newsweek covers sparked a social media firestorm -- Facebook debates, Twitter flame wars, and more than a few Pinterest pins. According to the New York Times, Time netted over 40,000 Facebook likes after running its "Are You Mom Enough?" cover. Read more about these and other controversial covers here.

Also notable

Esquire and E-books

Esquire is making a foray into book publishing. The magazine hopes to establish itself as a leading publisher of men's fiction. Its pilot e-book series, "Fiction for Men," will feature action-packed short stories geared toward a male audience. Editor-in-chief Daivd Granger hopes to see more fiction in magazines, an element that many magazines had to eliminate during the recent recession. Read more about Esquire's plans here.

Pfizer and EatingWell

EatingWell magazine has teamed up with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to create a healthy eating app, Lipitor for You "Recipes 2 Go." The app features hundreds of recipes, shopping lists, and a timer. There's also a $4 Lipitor Co-Pay Card for users with Lipitor prescriptions. Enhanced digital magazine content or glorified product placement? Read more about the joint venture here.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Cross-platform magazine publishing may have just become a little easier with the announcement of the updated Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The software, which has traditionally allowed publishers to publish digital versions of their print editions, now makes it possible for publishers to create smartphone-optimized content. Read more here.

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