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Tablet Users and Magazine Content

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 11:19 AM

In the news: Over half of all tablet users are paying for content.

Tablets continue to gain popularity, and a recent study by the Online Publishers Association reveals that 61 percent of tablet users are paying for the content they consume. By next year, nearly half of Americans will be using tablets. (Currently, nearly one-third of Americans are tablet users.) What's more, 40 percent of tablet users have made purchases after seeing tablet ads.

While digital magazine publishers are still trying to get their bearings, the news is encouraging. With nearly $2.6 million in app spending last year, the market seems ripe for magazines looking to break into tablet publishing. Read more here. For the entire study, click here.

Also notable

Better Times for Magazines?

A few years ago, good news seemed hard to come by in the magazine industry. Now, however, things are looking up. According to the Association of Magazine Media, audience growth for magazines is more robust than for TV or newspapers. Publishers are diversifying with unconventional revenue streams. Read The Economist's assessment of the current magazine climate here.

Consumer Magazine Revenues on the Rise

According to a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers report, consumer magazines won't see a revenue decline in 2012. This marks the first time in four years that the consumer magazine industry won't be in the red. The projections for digital are particularly encouraging; however, print advertising will hold its own with 0.7 percent growth predicted over the next four years. Print circulation, however, is predicted to drop 2.7 percent this year. Read more about the report findings here.

Magazine Website Launch

The creators of YouTube have teamed up again to create an online magazine publishing platform. Zeen.com will launch at the end of June. Not much else is known about the site at this time. Read more about Zeen here.

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