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Digital Magazines: More Local and Global Than Print?

Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 11:50 AM

In the news: Do digital magazines have the ability to be more local and more global than their print counterparts?

This month, PBS.org ran a piece entitled "Digital Magazines Can Be More Local, More Global, Than in Print World" by Susan Currie Sivek. The article discusses how digital publishing has made international publications more accessible to readers in other countries and, conversely, how it has allowed publishers to tailor content to users based on their GPS location. Sivek says, "New digital magazine apps let you unlock new magazine experiences by being in the right place at the right time, or subscribe to global publications without regard to national borders. These apps' creators want to free magazine readers from geographic constraints, customize their reading experiences, and revitalize public reading with digital tools."

According to Sivek, magazine apps have allowed content to become "more local, and more global, than in the print-only world." The article focuses on Foli, an iPad app that allows participating businesses to make magazines available to their visitors. For instance, a doctor's office can make current issues of People, Self, and Time to its patients on the iPad instead of keeping a stack of print magazines on a table. Read more of Sivek's analysis here.

Also Notable

Tablet Magazine Data

The news isn't all good for digital magazines this month. Tablet purchases continue to rise, and the International Data Corp. predicts that tablet sales could top 190 million this year. However, the statistics show that readers of all ages are spending the least amount of time on tablet magazine content; readers in the 30-49 demographic gravitate toward e-books, while readers in the 50-64 demographic gravitate toward digital newspaper content. Both groups spent just 6 percent of their tablet time reading magazines. Read more here.

iPad Magazine Sales in Q1

According to last week's AdAge.com edition, ad units in iPad magazines are up 23.6 percent over last year according to Kantar Media and the Publishers Information Bureau. Print ad units generally remained the same. Read more here.

Multiple Magazine Covers

More and more magazine publishers are putting out issues with multiple covers. Some of the newsstand's heaviest hitters, including Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, People, and Time, are adopting this strategy to intrigue readers and attract more advertisers. (In most case, each cover version runs with a different interior ad.) Read more about the multiple cover approach here.

Ten Magazine Publishing Statistics

In a recent ClickZ.com piece, Jeanniey Mullen rounds up ten statistics that magazine publishers should consider as they consider new strategies. Among them: 50 percent of tablet owners prefer to read books, magazines, and newspapers electronically, and 78 percent of households that make $75,000 or more each year own smartphones. Find more statistics here.

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