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Amazon and Condé Nast Join Forces

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11:27 AM

In the news: Condé Nast and Amazon have partnered to create a digital subscription service.

Tapping into the booming smartphone user market, Condé Nast and Amazon have finalized a deal to create a digital subscription renewal service. Users will be able to manage their subscriptions online instead of via direct mail.

The move is significant because Condé Nast is the first magazine publisher to tap into Amazon this way. Will other magazine publishers follow suit? It's certainly a lucrative proposition, given Amazon's customer base of over 200 million. Read more about the partnership and proposed features here.

Also Notable

Native Advertising for Washington Post

Washington Post has decided to enter the native advertising foray. According to AdAge.com's roundup, "The ad units on offer include one the Post calls an 'agenda setter,' wrapped around a portion of the front page and featuring both display advertising and copy resembling editorial content. Another execution sits among true editorial content on the fold inside the paper." Chief revenue officer Kevin Gentzel assures readers that any native advertising content will clearly be marked as such to distinguish it from editorial content. Read more here.

Mobile Publishing vs. Print?

Just how much is mobile publishing cutting into print profit margins? A lot, suggests Greg Hano, CEO of Mag+, and Jonny Kaldor, CEO of Kaldor, in a recent interview with Mr. Magazine. Hano boldly declares, "Apps engage in a way that print and websites cannot." Kaldo goes one step further and says, "I can't see print surviving." Read more highlights from the interview here.

Digital and Print Circulation in 2013

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) recently created a chart showing magazine circulation figures for January to June 2013. The number show that digital circulation is way up, but the total circulation picture isn't as bright. While magazines are seeing huge gains in digital readership, these increases aren't enough to offset sharp declines in print circulation. Read more here and here.

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