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Ads on Covers?

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 11:37 AM

In the news: Time and Sports Illustrated magazines to hit newsstands with advertising on cover I.

In the last week, issues of Time and Sports Illustrated have hit newsstands with small Verizon ads on their covers. The move is controversial; until now, magazine publishers have avoided running advertorial content on cover I in keeping with American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) standards. To add fuel to the fire, AdAge.com reports that Time Inc. is considering running small ads in its tables of contents, another piece of magazine real estate that typically remains ad-free.

The move may spark a new trend in the magazine industry, but it may also do more harm than good. AdAge points out that magazine in violation of ASME's rules may be snubbed at the National Magazine Awards. Read the full write-up here.

Also Notable

PBS Mediashift on Multi-Platform Magazines

In a recent PBS.org's Mediashift column, Susan Currie Sivek discusses how the concept of magazine success has changed in today's multi-platform world. She calls upon Samir Husni ("Mr. Magazine"), Trish Hagood of MediaFinder, and MPA president Mary Berner for insight. Their perspectives vary, but all three experts agree that print still plays a vital role in most successful magazine brands. Read the discussion here.

Jet Magazine Shutters Print Edition

Earlier this month, Jet magazine's publisher announced plans to go digital-only in June, thus closing the door on six decades of print publishing. The magazine, which played an instrumental role in the civil rights era, has long covered lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion for African-American readers. Read more about its move away from print here.

Zinio Expanding Its Digital Publishing Presence

Zinio, a digital magazine subscription app that offers up more than 5,000 titles, is expanding its mobile publishing presence. Last month, the app acquired Audience Media, a content management system that will streamline multi-platform publishing (including online, print, and apps). Read more here.

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