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Source Interlink Distribution Closes

Posted on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 9:33 PM

In the news: How the recent closure of the second-largest magazine distributor is affecting the industry.

Last month, Source Interlink Distribution announced that it was closing its doors. The closure came not long after Time Inc. ended its distribution relationship with the company.

This closure has been felt throughout the magazine industry: many titles haven't made it to their regularly scheduled newsstands as a result. As we reported last month, Jet magazine recently shuttered its print edition. Because of Source Interlink's sudden closure, many copies of Jet's final issue never made it to newsstands, leaving longtime readers in the lurch and in hot pursuit of a suddenly elusive souvenir edition. Jet is offering its final print edition on its website. Read more about Source Interlink's closure and the industry-wide ripple effect here and here.

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The Latest Magazine Revenue Projections

Recently, AdAge.com posted its forecast for magazine revenues in the coming years. Overall consumer magazine revenues are expected to remain flat this year, but the article notes that "digital growth will help hold the line, at least at magazines." Print advertising is expected to decline by over $3 billion by 2018, while digital ad revenues are expected nearly to double during the same period. Read more here.

Digital Watermarks

Magazine publishers continue in their quest to engage more readers with bonus content. To that end, more print and digital magazines are using digital watermarks, which interact with mobile devices to provide special branded content. Read more about some of the magazines employing this technology here.

A Page of Print Ads

"For Many Advertisers, A Page of Ad Space in the Print Magazine Is No Longer Enough," reads a June 27 headline on TalkingNewMedia.com. D. B. Hubbard discusses the importance of value-adds to today's advertisers and a perceived decrease in the value of ad pages alone. Read the full article here.

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