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Sponsored Magazine Content on Social Media

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 1:19 PM

In the news: More and more magazines are tapping into Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks to deliver ad content.

For years, Facebook and Twitter have commanded the magazine social media conversation. Now, other networks are stepping up to the plate as viable platforms for sponsored magazine content. "Publishers have long used Twitter or Facebook to share links to the sponsored content they host on their own sites, but recent efforts on Instagram and Snapchat show that these media companies are retooling native advertising to actually live partly on social platforms," writes Michael Sebastian in a November 13 AdAge.com piece.

Most recently, Wired magazine has launched a campaign featuring an engaged couple who has attracted scores of Instagram followers with their travel pictures. The pair promotes apparel brand and Wired sponsor Victorinox on Instagram and in the print edition. Just how successful have these efforts been? According to Sebastian, the campaign has generated "more than 65,000 'likes' on Instagram and roughly 500 comments in its initial phase." Read more here.

Also Notable

The Sponsored Content Debate Continues

In a recent PBS Mediashift article, "We Need a New 'Church and State' in Digital Publishing," Jason Kint discusses a reimagining of the publisher versus advertiser relationship. "In the new reality," he writes, "it's not the re-building of a crumbled wall between editor and publisher that's needed but the raising of a new kind of wall, one which separates click-bait from bona fide content." Noting that "the line between media and marketer has already blurred," he calls for the digital content industry to focus on creating quality content (be it native advertising or otherwise) and to avoid engaging in more underhanded click-garnering practices. Read his analysis here.

CNET in Print

Popular tech website CNET is expanding its reach in a surprising way: with a new print magazine. The magazine will feature advertising from various automotive and tech brands. CNET will create unique content for the print magazine to distinguish it from the website. Says the New York Times: "The arrival of CNET in print is indicative of a trend: Brands that began digitally are turning every day into #ThrowbackThursday by adding versions in traditional forms." Read more about the brand's foray into print periodicals here.

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