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ASME Guideline Changes

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 11:28 AM

In the news: The magazine industry is evolving in recognition of the changing relationship between advertisers and magazine content producers.

Earlier this month, the American Society of Magazine Editors updated its advertising guidelines. The move reflects industry-wide changes in the relationship between editorial and advertorial content, as discussed in the above linked article. AdAge sums up the changes in the deck of a recent article: "Now OK for Editors to Make Ads."

Michael Sebastian writes on AdAge.com, "Unlike the old guidelines, where discouraging cover ads was the first item on the list, now there's no specific language dissuading publishers from selling cover ads." Read his analysis here and the updated guidelines here.

Also Notable

How Effective Is Native Advertising?

As discussed above, native advertising is a hot topic in magazine publishing right now. But does it actually work? In a recent Copyranter column on Digiday.com, Mark Duffy evaluates the overall effectiveness of sponsored content on editorial websites. The article opens with a bold declaration: "Native advertising doesn't sell for brands. It does little for consumers looking to make a product choice. And it continues to compromise editorial content." He focuses on BuzzFeed's recent conflicRead the full article here.

Staff Changes at Meredith

Last week, Meredith Corporation laid off approximately 100 staffers. The magazine publishing giant now employs under 4,000. Sydney Ember of the New York Times writes that the layoffs "affected employees across all divisions of the company, with the majority coming from its offices in New York and its headquarters in Des Moines." Read more here.

Six-Year High for B2B

2014 was a good year for B2B media, which raked in $27 billion. It was the segment's best showing since 2008 and a 3.3 percent increase over the previous year. Read more here.

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