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Could Digital Fatigue Revitalize Newspapers?

Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 10:52 AM

In the news: Are readers burning out on technology? Could print newspapers experience a resurgence in this age of nostalgia?

In a recent EditorandPublisher.com piece, Nu Yang explores the idea that "digital fatigue" may provide the boost the print newspaper industry sorely needs. She writes, "With the recent rise of ad-blockers, it shows audiences are unhappy with their digital experiences, and as digital fatigue sets in among consumers, the newspaper industry -- and print -- is poised for a revival."

Yang homes in on the rising popularity of ad blocker software (which resulted in a $22 billion ad revenue loss last year) as evidence that readers may be tiring of digital media. With so many other media formats cashing in on nostalgia -- in the form of "movie reboots, TV show revivals, and reunion tours" - she wonders if it's the newspaper industry's turn to go back to its roots. Read her discussion here.

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ROI for Facebook Marketing

"Facebook is still king for marketers," writes Caysey Welton in a recent Foliomag.com headline. There's been a lot of hype recently about the soaring popularity of rival social networks Instagram and Snapchat, but according to a socialfresh study entitled "The Future of Social Media," a whopping 96 percent of marketers get the best ROI from Facebook. Welton shares other findings from the study, including what percentage of respondents advertised monthly on the following sites: Facebook 61%, Twitter 32%, Instagram 30%, and Snapchat 11%. Read more here.

Do Publishers Trust Facebook?

Elsewhere on Foliomag.com, Greg Dool discusses the shaky trust between publishers and Facebook. Although Facebook remains an important, if not the most important, social marketing tool for publishers, publishers remain concerned about "ad revenue share and the ceded control over publishing platforms, among other things." Dool discusses the topic in light of MPA's recent IMAG conference in San Francisco. Read more here.

Augmented Reality for Print Magazines

Print magazine publishers have found some pretty innovative ways to stay relevant in this digital age. Earlier this month, The New Yorker brought a rather simple illustrated cover to life using its Uncovr app. Using their smartphones, readers can see the cover in 3D. Read more here.

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