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Changes Afoot for Ailing Newspapers?

Posted on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 3:07 PM

In the news: How are newspapers shifting priorities and workloads in response to falling revenues?

Newspaper ad revenues continue their sharp decline. The subhead of a recent WSJ.com piece by Suzanne Vranica and Jack Marshall reads, "With global newspaper print advertising on pace for worst decline since recession, publishers cut costs and restructure." Forecasts indicate that the decline for 2016 will land somewhere around 8.7 percent.

These ad revenue declines are plaguing publishers in the US and abroad. Vranica and Marshall write that the decline is affecting all the major newspaper publishers, forcing some to reconsider "the format of their print products and the types of content they publish." Some major publishers are cutting hundreds of staffers to staunch the bleeding. Read more here.

Also Notable

A Surge in Agency Magazines

Recently, several agencies have launched magazines to present data in a format more accessible to readers than traditional reports. Katie Richards of AdWeek.com writes, "These aren't your typical agency publications, distributed internally each quarter and designed to highlight top work from within the network. The publications not only keep current staff up-to-date on important trends that will help inform their creative, but reach outside the agency as well." While the benefits of an agency magazine are many, Richards warns that agencies need to be willing to shell out the money necessary to develop the product and publish regularly. Read the full article here.

Pulitzer Eligibility for Magazines

In recent years, the Pulitzer Prize committee has experimented with magazine eligibility. Now, it appears they are all in. Earlier this month, the committee announced that magazines are now eligible in all prize categories. Entry guidelines have also been revised, replacing the entry letter requirement with a questionnaire. Read more here and here.

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