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Mr. Magazine's 2017 Manifesto

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 12:43 PM

In the news: Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni shares his suggestions for magazine publishers in 2017.

Earlier this month, Mr. Magazine published his 2017 manifesto for magazine publishers. He advocates for "the type of journalism that goes beyond just providing content, but rather the kind that creates experiences with its dual audience: readers and advertisers." Moreover, he advises, "Magazine makers need to toot their own horns, announce to the masses at large that magazines and their many brand extensions are here to stay."

In his manifesto he advises publishers to, among other things, invest in print and paper, challenge myths, and recognize that magazines have a life cycle. Read his full manifesto here.

Also Notable

Is the Publisher Title Disappearing?

Last year, Time Inc. eliminated the "publisher" title in its magazine division. Now, according to MediaLifeMagazine.com, Condé Nast has done the same. According to Media Life, "The company instead has reorganized its management structure, naming a series of chief business officers and chief industry officers who will preside over seven ad categories." Read more here.

Another Restructure at Time Inc.

Two weeks ago, Time Inc.'s sales department was restructured, a move that brought hierarchy shakeups and layoffs and a heightened emphasis on data. A reported 30 people were laid off. Writes Becky Peterson of Foliomag.com, the restructure follows "a months-long effort to eliminate silos at the publisher in favor of cross-brand efforts in both sales and editorial." Read more here.

New AAM Digital Reporting Guidelines

Last week, the Alliance for Audited Media changed some of its digital reporting guidelines. According to Greg Dool of Foliomag.com, "Beginning this summer, magazines must be able to demonstrate "unique opens" of sponsored digital subscriptions and single-copy sales, not just deliveries." Read AAM's announcement here.

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