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An "Old-School Media" Resurgence

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 9:49 PM

In the news: Legacy media brands are still attracting plenty of viewers.

Earlier this month, Wired.com ran a breakdown of daily audience numbers for brands across three media sectors: print, Web, and TV. Each sector gets its own 3D bar graph to illustrate which brands are getting the most traffic daily.

The takeaway point, says Wired: "Some of the oldest voices in the news are still the biggest. Just the print issue of The New York Times reaches more people every day than the Huffington Post does." Perhaps even more impressive: "The media outlets behind the three highest-trafficked news sites have a combined age of 343 years." In other words, trusted media brands are still pulling in large audiences even when stacked against younger digital-only counterparts.

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Also Notable

Forbes Drops "Publisher" Job Title

Following what appears to be a growing trend, Forbes Media has phased out the "publisher" title for its magazine. According to NYPost.com, publisher Rich Karlgaard now functions under two titles: editor at large and global futurist. The move comes not long after magazine publishing giants Time Inc. and Condé Nast eliminated the "publisher" roles in their magazine divisions as well. Read more here.

Is Ad Blocking on the Decline?

Ad blocker growth isn't quite as robust as was forecast for 2017. According to Bill Cromwell of MediaLifeMagazine.com, "A new forecast from eMarketer says U.S. users of ad-blocking apps will reach 75.1 million people this year ... significantly lower than its previous prediction last year that ad blockers would top 86 million in 2017." This is good news for publishers and advertisers worried about unchecked ad blocker growth, but with 27.5 percent of Internet users using some sort of ad blocker, it's still quite a hurdle. Read more here.

Mother Jones, Magazine of the Year

Mother Jones magazine took home top honors at ASME's National Magazine Awards earlier this month, winning Magazine of the Year. Other big winners included New York magazine, and the New York Times Magazine. Read more about the winners here.

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