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Winning Categories at the Newsstand

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 1:09 AM

In the news: Which magazine categories are faring well at newsstands, and which are facing the biggest challenges?

Newsstand revenue has been a challenge for magazine publishers for years now. In 2016, according to Bill Cromwell of MediaLifeMagazine.com (citing the most recent MagNet figures), single-copy sales were down 12.4 percent and revenues were down nearly 7 percent.

So which categories are performing well and which are suffering the most? According to Cromwell, recreation and general interest magazines posted big gains, bolstered in part by special publications. Not faring so well were women's and celebrity gossip magazines. Read the full article here.

Also Notable

Gender Inequality in Sales and Marketing Salaries

Folio: recently published its annual salary survey for publishers and sales/marketing executives. This year's numbers showed a significant salary gap between male and female executives, according to Greg Dool on Foliomag.com. The survey found that male publishers made 41 percent more than their female counterparts last year. Read the complete survey findings here.

Using "Tricks and Goodies" to Drive Revenue

Publishers continue to grapple with revenue challenges at the newsstand. On Monday the Columbia Journalism School hosted a panel on traditional and emerging magazine business models, and Carlett Spike recapped the major discussion points in a recent CJR.com piece. For magazines finding that the traditional advertising-centric model is no longer enough, other models can augment revenue. These can include special issues and events. Read more about the panel discussion here.

Ad Placement on Mobile

Ad placement online apparently matters. In a March 16 MediaLifeMagazine.com Q&A with Ed Romaine, chief marketing officer at Kargo, Diego Vasquez writes, "Ads placed next to high-quality editorial content perform the best, in part because people are highly engaged with that content and spend more time on the page, leading to longer exposure for the ad." Read the full Q&A with Kargo here.

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