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The Print Magazine "Multiplier Effect"

Posted on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 8:35 PM

In the news: A new Australian study finds that brands have greater success when a print magazine is among their media offerings.

Magazine Networks has published a study, The Multiplier Effect, that shows how lucrative print magazines continue to be for multimedia brands. Having a print magazine in the mix, writes MediaWeek, "drives purchase intent.... The brands that included print magazines in their media mix saw a 22% uplift in brand trust, a 55% increase in brand favourability and a 29% lift in purchase intent."

In other words, ad effectiveness increases when a brand pairs a print magazine with other media channels, including newspapers, TV, online, and radio. Read more about the study's findings here.

Flipboard Drives Traffic

Some publishers are seeing increased traffic from Flipboard referrals. According to Lucinda Southern of Digiday.com, the content aggregator serves roughly 300 publishers, and per Flipboard's website its content reaches roughly 100 million readers per month. Read more about individual publishers' experiences with the platform here.

Changes to AdWeek's Publishing Hot List

"We're bringing print and digital under the same roof," reads the deck of the announcement on AdWeek's website last week. The change comes in the list's 37th year. Writes Emma Bazilian, "We'll continue to hand out a number of magazine-only awards -- focusing solely on publishers' print performances -- while adding new digital awards, in which both digital natives and the digital arms of magazine and newspaper brands will compete." Read the full announcement here.

Ad Confidence down in June

This month, Foliomag.com launched its Magazine Media Advertising Confidence Index. According to the magazine staff, the index is "a new proprietary data initiative that each month will measure how executive managers are feeling about their prospects for the coming months." This month's installment shows that ad confidence was down in the month of June. See the index for June 2017 Add your comment.

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