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Faith in Print Ad Pages

Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 1:33 PM

In the news: Advertisers and agencies discuss why they continue to believe in print magazines.

Much of the publishing industry emphasis in recent years has been on social media, video, digital, and brand partnerships. Still, though, advertisers continue to maintain their faith in traditional print ad pages. In a December 11 Folio.com piece, Steve Smith asks advertisers and agencies why they still have so much faith in traditional magazines.

The discussions unearth some good advice for publishers struggling to determine where print fits in their cross-platform strategy. Ginger Taylor White, EVP and managing director of publishing investment at Amplifi, discusses with Smith successful new launches such as Pioneer Woman and The Magnolia Journal. Smith summarizes, "A new media brand can take root on non-print media like a blog or TV series and create new experiences in print." Read more here.

Also Notable

Publisher-Advertiser Friction over Viewability

Publishers have worked hard to comply with advertisers' desired "viewability" standards, but they're seeing little windfall from the effort. Ross Benes of Digiday.com writes that advertisers will only purchase ad space if their ads are guaranteed to be seen by readers; many publishers expected that, if they complied, these advertisers would spend more money with them. However, reports Benes, "those sites might see a few dollars increase in their CPMs if they boost their viewability, but big-brand dollars haven't materialized." Read more about the ongoing struggle between publishers and advertisers here.

Automizing Publishing Jobs?

Just how much can publishers automate their journalist and editorial positions? Melody Kramer of Poynter.org discusses the concept in a recent interview with Quartz editor Sarah Kessler, who recently investigated how much of her own job might be automated by robots in the future thanks to existing technology. Quartz bot developer John Keefe talks about how bot technology can help journalists to do their jobs more efficiently (rather than replacing their jobs wholesale). Read the discussion here.

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