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Plagiarism and Disclosure

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Full disclosure about an incident of plagiarism has landed one university newspaper in hot water.

Last month, the University of Virginia's Cavalier Daily staff discovered that a staffer had plagiarized content. The newspaper published an editorial informing readers that content had been plagiarized by an unnamed staffer. In response, the chairwoman of the school's Honor Committee brought the editor-in-chief of the paper up on charges that the newspaper had violated the school's code of conduct.

Was this censorship or an ethics violation? Did the Honor Committee violate the First Amendment by interfering with the University press? Read more here.

Also notable

Magazines and Retail

Editorial content continues to take on new functions, and it looks like retailing is now among them. Some fashion magazines have begun selling featured clothing and accessories in their own marketplaces. Not only does this create another revenue stream for the publishers, but it also establishes the magazine brands as competitors to the very stores and boutiques that used to sustain them. Read more here.

The ABC's Consolidated Media Report

In response to rapidly evolving modes of content consumption, the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) has unveiled its new Consolidated Media Report (CMR). The report includes print circulation figures and a host of other metrics: Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, tablet, website, etc. According to foliomag.com, "the CMRs don't supersede the traditional publishers statement and they're not required." Popular Science magazine is the first to participate. Read more here.

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